Landlord Representation

A designated team of experienced real estate professionals will be specifically responsible for the whole process of owner representation during the term of the agreement.

At INFINITY we provide Landlords with regular consulting on market trends and availability, other competitive projects and developments as well as current market prices.

We evaluate the different disposal (sale or lease) alternatives, we recommend the optimum lease strategy to the owner and a pricing strategy is suggested so as to maximize returns for owners as well as a marketing strategy for the disposal of the property.


Leasing / Selling Strategy

We prepare a strategy for the leasing and/or selling of the Property, as well as all the marketing materials necessary for the marketing of the Property. We advise the Landlord with the objective to assist him in making the right decisions and achieving the highest possible return on his investment.


Market Analysis

We conduct a thorough market research, including comparable data, of both rental and sales prices, of similar properties in the area, the identification of the current supply of similar developments, competitive properties and the new entries to the market place as well as market absorption and the identification of the demand in the area by potential investors and occupiers interested for similar properties. Our agency and advisory team assess the outcomes of the research and works through a preliminary feasibility study given the property’s characteristics, land uses allowed in the area, and demand factors.


Pricing Strategy

We suggest to the owner a pricing strategy that best reflects the current trends and expected market conditions, with the objective to assist him on achieving the highest possible return.


Target Group Identification/ Determination

We identify target groups of tenants and/or buyers for leasing and/or selling of the property. The target groups include buyers / investors and occupiers, neighbor companies as well as those potential buyers/occupiers that could benefit given the property’s specifications, comparative advantages and location.


Marketing Strategy

We prepare a marketing strategy and the marketing tools with regard to the property, including: websites publication; brochures highlighting the advantages of the property, map illustration and photos; direct mailings campaigns to the target group identified comprising of companies and suitable individuals; advertising at real estate magazines and yellow pages; agents’ promotions; letting boards/banners; telephone canvassing
We utilize our extensive database of tenants / buyers, leverage our industry relationships and open the marketing program to the greater brokerage community and network of contacts.



Following our marketing efforts and through our network of contacts we identify the prospective tenants/buyers and will open negotiations and will advise the Landlord, based on empirical evidence and research, in order to agree the ‘best deal’ with the objective to maximize its returns on the property – or rent coupled with a ‘landlord friendly’ lease.


Legal Advice

We consult Landlord on drafting the terms and conditions of the lease or sale contract to be used for the purposes of leasing and/or selling the property. Particular regard must be given to the financial credentials of a prospective tenant, to safe-guard the landlord against the possibility of a tenant not meeting their obligations.


Services Include

We are specialist letting agents. We market the property, identify suitable tenant(s); and negotiate the best rent and lease terms on behalf of landlords. We advise owners and occupiers on how they can get the best from commercial property leasing/selling.


Development Consulting


Leasing/Selling Strategy and Advisory


Market Analysis – Evaluation of Market Conditions


Estate Strategy – Pricing Strategy


Target Group Identification/ Determination


Marketing Plan and Property Positioning


Negotiations with potential tenant or buyer


Legal Advice – Liaising with lawyers for final contract drafting


Disposal (Sale or Lease)